Shadow work sunday

your safe space to see and be seen

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DATE:         every Sunday

TIME:       18:00 - 19:30  

COST:     free | Donations welcome

Ongoing Shadow Work Circle with alternating facilitators. I am participating in this Project as a core team Facilitator.

We believe that all of us are students and teachers, and would like to create a community of self-aware, self-empowered individuals who will pave the way for this New Earth we are all in the process of birthing.

As the collective consciousness continues to evolve at a rapid pace, there is a growing interest in the subject of Shadow Work, a term coined by Carl Jung to describe the "unconscious" aspects of our personality.

The intention is to create a consistent space where people can exchange their knowledge and experience with Shadow Work and assist each other as we heal and grow.

Ultimately, we envision this to become a community of learners who are willing to dive deep into their own psyches, be completely honest and authentic with themselves and others, and embrace themselves in their beautiful imperfections and totality.

We intend for this to be an ongoing, safe space for people to heal, to connect, to see and be seen, to share their experiences and resources, and to assist each other on this journey for personal growth and transformation.

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