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speak easy

dialogue with an open heart


DATES:       1. 28.01.2021
               2. 04.02.2021
               3. 11.02.2021

               4. 18.02.2021

               5. 25.02.2021

TIME:      17:30 - 18:30  

COST:     11€/Session

“Dialogue is taking each other’s hand, moving together towards the truth, helping each other to find the way”


5 week TRUTH, POWER, CLARITY Experience

Once a week I invite you to come and speak.

Speak to hear yourself and to be heard.

- You will be listened to, you will be understood.

- You will be asked and challenged to be honest with yourself and you will dare to be heard and seen.

- You will gain clarity and with it, the power to stand in your truth, no matter what.

It is your clarity that enables listening, that allows dialogue

Thursdays 17:30 - 18:30 | 11€/ session on Zoom

in English

I will guide the circle, listen and ask questions. I will ask you to do the same. Together we will navigate through all the many facets of human communication, all our emotions!

In my work as a mediator in conflicts, I am navigating in a field of tension, which I enter letting go of all ideas of right and wrong. This allows me to be curious, to dialogue with an open mind and an open heart. To accept the tension for what it is with no need to react to it.

The techniques are simple, we will experience and practice them.

I have been asked to offer this work for communication and am happy to share it with you

email me for zoom link:


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